prestigious brands awards

He has been involved in hefty research-driven projects that comprise aspects of marketing, branding, and advertising through projects like Top Goods UAE, Most Impactful Brands, Goodwill Brands, Brand Of The Decade, Trusted Global Brands, Admired Workplaces and Prestigious Brands.

He has introduced and greatly celebrated, Prestigious Brands, a coffee table book that reflects the soul of each brand bridging the gap between the brands and the perceptions of the consumers, redefining perspectives. Prestigious Brands is a reference book of the most prominent brands, which has emerged as a result of the powerful and factual perceptions etched inside the consumer’s mind. It is an elucidation of the most superlative brands that have formed a cult followership for themselves amongst Indian consumers. Prestigious Brands is a design marvel, an innovative book that has transformed and revolutionized the industry. 

He believes that recognition of leadership and unique contributions by personalities are drivers of motivation to build community for better living. He proudly created Most Admired Leaders, Women of Maharashtra and Industry’s No. 1 commemorating the unique skills and calibre of different personalities from various sectors of life.

Mr. Sen strongly believes that communication is the key to success. With an open mind he welcomes different perspectives and is always ready to absorb experiential learning. Therefore he built a platform for leaders to share their industry experience, perceptions, perspectives to seed a process of growth through various innovative initiatives like Global Business Symposium, Goal Fest Conclave, Thought Leadership Symposium and Women Leadership Symposium.

Herald Global by ERTC Media, is an E-Magazine and News Portal, featuring stories that matter. The most trending stories from the global news pool are published in an issue every month. The magazine contains various sections like Cover Story, Industry Now, Business & Economy, Global Panorama, Entertainment, Business Opinion, Mind Speak, Techno Bytes, Sports and Brand Scoop.

Mr Saimik Sen, recognized the digital shift and transformation in education. He recently created FOB.- Full Of Beans, an educational extension of Herald Global providing awareness for students, teachers and parents. Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. With simplified pictorial news stories, knowledgeable facts, inspiring features; we aim to create a platform for readers with limitless passion and diligence. He strongly believes that a generation of readers will create an era of thinkers and visionaries. 

As per Mr. Sen, the most exhilarating thing in the world is to create strategies for brands. The pleasure of witnessing brands scaling heights in the competitive world of Branding and Marketing is the best emotion. It is exciting, challenging and a very noble profession with imprints of experience. The special skills that make him choose this path are his abilities to network at all the levels combined with the management expertise and great flair for exploring creative space and communications.

Mr. Saimik Sen is a brand architect and is one of the most notable names in brand listing and recognizing industry. His brand intellectual properties are the most followed by corporations and brands across the globe. His commencement, BARC Asia has constantly endeavoured on promoting Asian brands on a global platform through extensive research processes and colossal corporate events.

In an epoch where editorial sanctities are still in question along with the limpidity of research, but Mr. Sen at ERTC Media is proud to have a novel unmatched credibility process. With Brand Analysis Research & Consulting Asia and a credible jury, the company’s commitment has been towards an neoteric process where only the deserving and worthy get selected.  

Mr. Sen can be endorsed for intellectualizing the effective managerial techniques and using the innovative management information systems that have led to productivity being maximized and ensured a seamless interface among the pivotal arms of distribution, design, marketing, editorial & production.